Rohan MG Moore - Chairman / CEO Rohan MG Moore - Chairman / CEO Rohan MG Moore - Chairman / CEO Rohan MG Moore - Chairman / CEO Rohan MG Moore - Chairman / CEO



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Rohan MG Moore Chairman / CEO
  • Rohan MG Moore
  • Chairman / CEO
  • 2468506480
  • Dr. Cheryl G. Moore
  • President of Operations

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Marcelle Hinkson - Universal Voice of a Leader
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Marcelle Hinkson
Universal Voice of a Leader

I am a Jane of many trades,Yes! and I am blessed with the ability to adapt and maneuver in any area of workmanship I feel comfortable in.

I have a fondness for helping others and what ever criteria that may fall in I am there.

I have been working in customer service ,consultation and apprenticeship for over thirty years,I am an individual who works until my work is done in the most truthful and reliable responsible ways possible.

I can not leaved work undone as it's best to finish and move on to other aspect of ways .

In my line of work as a fashion consultant I helped others achieve the professional,yet simple and sophisticated look that they are looking for and that way  I have also generated in interior designing an area of expertise that I am also fond of, as I am bless with an eye for detail and I use it to manoeuvre in passages with the most unique and selective of wears.

As I flow more on the simplicity side I like to maneuver my way through styles and designs that will give the look that I am looking for for my clients preferences.

My personal empowering consultancy allows me to help those needing my heart felt reviews in the most encouraging ,uplifting and motivational ways , as I have a fondness or shall I say a calling to help others .

My area of expertise in interior designing,I used my eye for detail to the best of my ability to achieve what I have to achieve in all areas available to me.

I have many more gifts of expertise which I flow in but I think I would need more time and space to write as my gifts are so numerous to mention :)

At a young age dictation was my favorite subject as my heart would sing when I was placed in a dictation class :) Now I know why:) Writing is a gift as my words seemed to never stop,my universal voice continues to make it's self known in a high frequency of intellectual ways everyday, and this is an area that I am very comfortable in, as my heart pushed me towards this passage, I continue to adapt to any area of avenues.

The way I am able to pin point and answer question pending with a truthful heart always amazes me of what a beautiful and blessed gift that I have as everyday I learn something new about myself and my gifting. I am also a chef and illustrator .

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