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Buyer's Listing Agreement


To turn customers into clients and deliver the best in the buyers listing agreement representation services, you should have a signed representation listing agreement. Ultimately, your buyers agent office policy will dictate provisions for your agreement. Understand the procedure for buyers listing representation agreement and know the services the company provides.



  Provisions in a Buyer's Representation Agreement


It is s in your best interest to work within the parameters of the buyer representation listing agreement, it is also best to agree on terms with the buyer-client that are broad enough to cover many situations and conditions. For instance, the description of the buyers desired property should be more general than precise. Likewise, price, if it is addressed in the agreement, should be defined in a range, not an exact amount. It should be broad enough to include all properties the buyer-client is qualified to see or may want to see. Other provisions covered in a buyer representation agreement include:

Property Type & Description 

1. Is the buyer-client looking to purchase residential, commercial or rental property or land?

2. Buyer-client wishes to purchase Real Property, which may include a lot and residence to be constructed, as follows: 

A.  Approximate Price Range: $ _____________  to  $ _____________
B.  General Description: _______________________________________________
C.  Preferred Location(s): ______________________________________________
D.  Preferred Terms:  __________________________________________________